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Word of the Week!

Wor of the Week!


1:Being at someone or something’s lowest point.

If someone lost thier keys,dog,and phone all in one day at different times,you could say they are at thier nadir.

Sorry for missing a eek everyone!I was on vacation for my cousins graduation!Anyway thank you all for sticking with me!I can’t wait to hear all your suggestions,and comments!I certainly hope that no one ever hits thier nadir,but unfortunately that is very close to impossible.😔Bye for this week!


Word of the week!

Word of the week!

Müschen syndrome

1:a person who has Müschen syndrome is a person who reapeadedly fakes being sick,or injured in order to go to the hospital,and get service.

Thank you guys! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say,and any words you suggest!



Word of the Week!

Word of the Week!


1:A Mancave.

2:A place were a man goes(with other males or just himself) to “hang” out ,work,or just relax.

I can’t wait to here what you have to say!Just in case you were wondering why I picked this word(I was reading and looked it up!:-) haha so funny!)I thought it had a funny meaning and I didn’t know there was another word for “Mancave”:-)


Word of the Week!


1:An earnest request.

2:A formal written request made to a superior or authority.




Thank you all!😊😊Can’t wait to hear your words!Please let me know if you know of another translation for this word!

Last weeks sword of the week:Contempt


Word of the Week!

Word of the Week!


1:A fear of foreigners

J.I.K.Y.W.  I was looking at words for my “Word of the week.” And I thought it was an awfully funny thing to be afraid of,but never the less,I put it on my blog!haha thank you all!😊Can’t wait to here what you have to say!

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What is the Word of the Week?

The Word of the Week is a small post on my blog that will come out every Friday!It contains one interesting word,and it’s definition!Please let me know if there are any interesting words you would like me to post,and thank you for reading on Girlonpoint!

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Science course

There are many questions about space.Is space infinite?Are there other worlds like ours?Are there people?Why does the sky change color?Will the sun “die”?Some are easy to answer,others are more complex. I will be answering just a few of the millions of questions,with a few “fun facts” in there as well.

From the beginning of time humans have wondered how big is space?A simple way to put it is that space is constantly expanding.It doesn’t have a set amount of length,width,or depth.So it just keeps pulling in the atmosphere around it.Did you know that it would take 20,000,000,000,000,000 (20 quadrillion) 6 ft men,laid down in a row to get to the nearest star!Yet space still keeps getting bigger.Eventually it’ll take 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000,000,000 (20 novemdecillion) 6 ft men,to get to the nearest star.And the zeros just keep adding on.

You might be surprised that there is a stronger force than gravity.In fact there are Four Fundamental Forces(FFF).Gravity,Weak interaction,Electromagnetic force,and the strongest of them all,The Strong force.Gravity is what keeps us from flying off the earth,but The Weak force is 10 to the 25th power stronger than gravity.The Electromagnetic force is 10 to the 36th power stronger than gravity.And The Strong force is 10 to the 38th power stronger that gravity.Why don’t the other three FFF’s affect us as much as gravity?They do affect us just in a different way.They affect electrons,and neutrons.Three of the FFF’s push electrons and neutrons together which turns them into helium.

What is Red shift and Violet shift?Have you ever heard of these?Red shift is when objects in the sky give off light.The farther away form our eyes they are they seem more red,and Violet shift is when light gets closer to our eyes they seem more purple/blue.Do you know how a star is born?When stars are born a cluster of helium and hydrogen molecules circle around and collide together.When they get bigger they start to burn light,they keep taking in these gasses,and that’s how a star is born.When a star gets old it starts to turn red,which means that the surface temperature is cooling down.When it is completely cool it “explodes”.Sometimes in a catastrophic way,but just a little burst of energy and light,a few moments before it dies,will do the trick.

Astronomy is a complicated science,and there are still MANY unanswered questions about space.We think we know a lot,but how much do we really know?. . .

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask,and i’ll answer them A.S.A.P

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” Cyrus the Great”

Valerie/Girl on point!
History Course
In ancient times Cyrus the Great was a king who ruled over Persia .He fought many battles over the course of his lifetime.When he killed a sacred bull in Egypt,he literally went mad!
The first thing I am going to mention about Cyrus is his family life.Cyrus had a younger sister at around 597 B.C.Cyrus the great,also know as Cyrus the second,was born around 600 B.C.King Cambyses the first was Cyrus’ father,his mother was princess Mandane of media.When his father died,Cyrus became king.He married his beautiful sister,and soon had several sons.When he feared that his family would take him off his throne and succeed him before his time had come,he killed all in his family but his youngest son.
Cyrus was a fairly good leader,but he was always trying to add more land to his territory.He had already conquered Babylon and was eager to take on more land.The good thing is that he promised to give the places he conquered great respect for their gods.Simply meaning that he would not force them into worshiping his own gods.
One day Cyrus the great decided that he would try to conquer Egypt before he grew to old to fight.So he gathered up his sizable army and headed off to Egypt.On his way to the city he killed a sacred bull.For his punishment the Egyptians prayed to their gods to have Cyrus go insane.Well,before Cyrus even saw the city,he in fact did start going insane.After Cyrus was moonstruck for a while,the Egyptians then prayed to their gods to have him killed by a wound in the thigh.Which happened to be the same place that Cyrus wounded the bull.Well,Cyrus did get wounded in the thigh,his wound got infected,and he died.
Overall Cyrus the great was a fairly good leader,but what really set him apart from other leaders is the respect he showed to the countries he conquered.When the time finally came for him to die,he might not have gone how he wanted to,but his son,continued the raid on Egypt,and won!He persisted to rule just as his father did,with a few better exceptions.

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Valerie/Girl on point!
English Course


The Lost Track of Time
By Paige Britt

The Lost Track of Time is a great book by Paige Britt.There was no question, that this was the book I wanted to write about for my book report!
Penelope (pa-nel-apee)is a twelve year old girl that wants to grow up to be a writer,but when her mother plans every minute of her life she has no time to practice writing.One day Penelope finds out that her mother accidentally has a whole entire day with nothing scheduled for her to do,Penelope asks for the day off,but her mother tells Penelope that having a day off is ridiculous.Her mother decides that,instead of having the day off, Penelope should throw away her notebooks that are filled with her stories.Penelope pleads not to have her stories thrown away,but her mother explains to Penelope that writing is just silly scribbles and isn’t a good job for her future.Right before her mother writes down,on the schedule page,what Penelope has to do,the doorbell rings,it was her father who forgot his keys.As soon as Penelope’s mother is gone she rips out the schedule page and runs over to Ms.Maddie’s house.Ms.Maddie was Penelope’s old babysitter,and best friend.She talks to Ms.Maddie and tells her about the gap in her schedule,she shows her the calendar paper. Ms.Maddie tells her to watch out! She could fall into a hole like that! Penelope is confused,she starts staring at the blank schedule page,when she notices that the lines on the paper are disappearing she shakes her head then tries staring at it again.This time she doesn’t look away,she eventually finds herself falling down a hole.She lands on the ground and feels something hard in her back pocket,she realizes that it is her notebook,and lets out a sigh of relief.She looks up to finds a tall man with spiky red hair,in a blue velvet suit,staring down at her.The man explains to her everything he knows about the town she landed in,which is called The Realm of Impossibility .He feeds her which helps her able to get a good nights rest,because of his kindness she decides to try and help him find the one thing he is looking for,The Great Moodler.The Great Moodler is a woman that believes that if you think about something long enough you will start to believe it.If you start to get other people to think about it then they will start to believe it too!The man wants to find The Great Moodler so that people will believe in things again,and so that time will never run out.He also wants to find The Great Moodler so that he can find things again,because he used to be a great adventurer. He could find anything he wanted to,but when The Great Moodler disappeared his ability to find things did too. In search of The Great Moodler,the man takes Penelope through The Naughty Forest,the Rainbow hills,and even through the town,which was under the control of the evil villain in this story,Cronos.After all the adventures Penelope was the one that found The Great Moodler.She was the one who ended up saving the town.
After reading this book,I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a great mystery novel.


What I did for Science this summer!

Hello everyone!I just wanted to give you a quick update on what I have been doing for Science this summer!

This summer I have been working on my Garden!To prepare for my garden I had to weed my garden area twice.Then I had to make bowls for each of my plants,and put the seeds in.After that I had to water my garden every day,and weed it every once in a while.I decided to show you guys a little photo gallery of my garden and some of what I harvested from it!

image image image image

Another project for Science was to make a Compost Bin!My Dad helped me with this one because the ground was pretty hard!So my Dad and I dug a 3 ft,by 3 ft,b 3 ft hole in the ground and I have been adding eggshells,grass clippings,coffee grounds,and pretty much anything that can decompose,and we don’t eat into my compost bin!Here are some photos!

image image

In Science I also learned about beeswax,and how they make it into Candles!So I was asked to make some Beeswax Candles!All of the glasses I got at The Dollar Store!Here are the photos!


I had an amazing time doing all of these projects and it was a lot of fun! I will be writing more Essay’s soon! Bye!

Valerie/Girl on point!


Science Course